Seven Psychopaths

  • Running Length:1hr 50mins
  • Cast:Colin Farrell, Sam Rockwell, Christopher Walken, Woody Harrelson, Tom Waits, Olga Kurylenko
  • Rated:R16 - Contains graphic violence, sex scenes and offensive language

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    Films about people writing films are not that rare, but this is certainly the bloodiest one I can remember seeing, outdoing even Barton Fink for death count.

    Colin Farrell plays Marty, and Irish screenwriter with an alcohol problem and a script with nothing but a title – Seven Psychopaths. Marty wants to make a Bhuddist film from this title, something his best friend Billy says – probably quite rightly – is insane.

    Billy’s a little unstable, but a loyal friend who is all too willing to help Marty out with his script. He’s the sidekick of Hans, who makes a good living out of dognapping. But things go more than a little pear shaped when Billy snatches shih-tzu, Bonny, who belongs to seriously crazy mob boss Jimmy Costello.

    This is just the so-called real life part of the film. Interspersed with this insanity is the world of Marty’s film and the stories he hears and interprets as part of it. In this alternate reality we have a Vietnamese priest with a bomb and a stunning hooker, a Quaker with a straight razor and a self-confessed psychopath who carries a white rabbit everywhere he goes.

    By using the script-writing as a framework, McDonagh pushes the boundaries and ups the body count. Ideas spin into scenes and there are points where it’s unclear what’s real and what’s not. And it doesn’t really matter because you’ll be laughing too hard to care. Because this is, first and foremost, a comedy. Blacker than black, but a comedy nonetheless.

    This isn’t a film you want to read too much about before going in. It’s not a film to tear apart or analyse – you’ll probably be disappointed if you do. It’s a film to surrender to. Christopher Walken’s performance alone is worth the price of admission, and when you add Sam Rockwell’s cheerily demented Billy to the mix, well, you can’t really go wrong. And did I mention Harry Dean Stanton is in it too? And Tom Waits? Wood Harrelson? Yeah, it’s seriously that nuts! I loved every minute of it.

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