• Running Length:1hr 35mins
  • Cast:Alice Lowe, Steve Oram, Dan Charles
  • Rated:R16 - Contains violence,offensive language and sex scenes

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    This darkly hilarious British film is likely to be the most deranged flick you’ll see this holiday season. Imagine Natural Born Killers made by Mike Leigh and you’ll get some idea of what you’re in for.

    The film opens with Chris picking up his girlfriend, Tina, to go on a caravanning holiday. After wrestling her away from her overprotective mother, they hit the road, heading for such thrilling destinations as the Pencil and Tramways museums. The pair are jubilant at being on their own and free to travel.

    When an inconsiderate man litters on an historic tram, Chris loses his cool and when the opportunity arises in the parking lot, he runs him down. Initially horrified, Tina manages to convince herself that it was an accident and the couple continue on their way.

    When, at a Yorkshire campsite, Chris bludgeons an annoying camper to death and steals his dog, Tina can’t sweep that one under the rug quite so easily, but still stays with Chris. The only other option is to go back home to the overbearing mother she’s only just beginning to leave behind. And besides, you stand by your man, right?

    It’s not long before Tina is joining in, trying her hand at homicide and finding she likes it.

    The film is hysterically funny. Oram and Lowe look and sound like your average middle-class couple. Lowe is especially good as the woman struggling to find and hold onto a life of her own. That the behaviour of both characters is completely believable is testament to the actors’ skill.

    With some gorgeous scenery and tight performances from all the supporting players, this one will indulge your darkest, most twisted fantasies.

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