Six Venice (Sei Venezia)

  • Running Length:1hr 18mins
  • Cast:Giovanna Galeazzi, Ramiro Ambrosi, Carlo Memo, Roberta Zanchin, Ernesto Canal, Massimo Comin, Carlo Mazzacurati
  • Rated:E

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    Carlo Mazzacurati`s Six Venice premiered to critical acclaim at the 2010 Venice Film Festival. This wonderful documentary asks the question - what makes a city? The buildings, the culture and the people are all essential pieces, as well as an overarching feeling or idea that is difficult to define. Six Venice goes in search of that feeling, traveling through beautiful and complex Venice and its iconic lagoon. The film looks for answers in the stories of six Venetian locals: a hotel cleaner, an archaeologist, a pensioner from Mestre, a painter/fisherman, a burglar and a young boy. With pathos and humor this wonderful collection of six lives portrays life in Venice in all its forms. Their daily rituals, hopes and disappointments add layers to the city portrait. They highlight the many contrasts but also suggest a constant thread that is the essence of Venice.