• Running Length:1hr 30mins
  • Cast:Ann Dowd, Dreama Walker, Pat Healy
  • Rated:R16 - Contains offensive language,sexual themes and content that may disturb

Session Times

    Here’s another one to file under ‘truth is stranger than fiction’. Apparently over 70 fast food restaurants in the USA were prank called, and staff members asked to essentially abuse other staff members for the titillation of someone at the end of the phone.

    The film opens with ChikWich manager, Sandra, already on the back foot. Someone left a fridge open and large amounts of food have spoiled. To make things worse, the regional manager has announced a surprise visit and she’s down one person for the night. Not to mention someone left key items off the last order so they’re short of bacon and pickles.

    So when a police officer calls and says he has security footage of an employee stealing cash from a customer, it’s pretty much the last straw. Sandra drags Becky into the back room for questioning, following the directions of the cop on the phone as they grow increasingly humiliating and bizarre.

    Based on real life psychological evidence, the film moves into territory that is genuinely discomforting. As the caller begins actively terrorizing Sandra, the tension leaps and the action verges on squirm-worthy. Yet it is all too easy to believe. When faced with authority figures, obedience has been drilled into us from an early age, and it is not our place to question whether or not that authority has been earned.

    Shocking, provocative and utterly captivating, Compliance is one of the most uncomfortable experiences you’re likely to have in a cinema, but it is also one you’re unlikely to forget in a hurry.

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