• Running Length:1hr
  • Cast:Jamie Burgess, Nikki Aitken
  • Rated:TBC

Session Times

    Gobsmacked: Showbiz and Dating is an all original musical-theatre-meets-cabaret showcase of Spilt Chocolate, Spirit-fingers and Spoilt Divas starring the irrepressible Aussie Diva, Nikki Aitken (Attack of the 40 Foot Wedge, Viva La Franglaise) and New Zealand’s own Musical Theatre Composer die-hard Jamie Burgess (Once Were Warriors – The Musical Drama, Fitz Bunny: Lust For Glory, Becoming The Courtesan). Gobsmacked is a ‘heartfelt and sincere’ celebration of the fabulous-darling single life, and a ‘love letter’ to that unique relationship that exists between the gay man and the single straight girl… but even more than that, it’s a shameless celebration of all things Musical Theatre (or as Jamie likes to call it ‘Gay Church’). With a ‘laugh-out-loud’ script by Burgess, and songs by both he and Aitken, witness the duo who are more than friends but less than lovers, as they tackle the funny, sometimes sad but never boring life of a single girl trying to make it in show business whilst searching for a relationship that lasts. And who knows… the idea of the single-girl’s ‘Knight In Shining Armour’ may actually be standing right beside her wearing, well Rainbow Armour instead!