• Running Length:79 min
  • Cast:Elliot Travers, Liz Kirkman, Dean Knowsley, Ralph Johnson, Simon Vincent, Jessica Manins.
  • Rated:M - Contains low level violence

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    This locally made sci-fi mystery is Alex Galvin's follow-up to his critically acclaimed When Night Falls.

    Set in the near future, a police detective is forced to take part in an experimental computer game to avoid being demoted or even fired from the force. The case the game sets for him to solve, is the most challenging of his career: a locked room murder of a wealthy property investor.

    The further he investigates, the more complex the case becomes. Soon Richard realizes far more is at stake than the murder he's supposed to solve. His life is on the line and unless he manages to solve the case, and fast, he may not have any future at all.

    Using the grandeur of Hawkes Bay's art deco architecture, Eternity has the look and feel of a much bigger production. The real-world sections were shot in Hong Kong, and the contrast between the bustling streets and sky scrapers of that city, with the space and elegance of Napier, gives the film a unique look and feel.

    This is an ambitious little film that forces the viewer to ask a lot of questions. It's visually stunning and never does the expected.

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