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6.15  Monday 30 November
Desk opens 5.45 for membership

Last film of 2015 

 AUNT JULIA AND THE SCRIPTWRITER (Jon Amiel, USA 1990) M on glorous 35mm film

Like a faraway radio station that taunts a traveler's dial, this slips in and out of range, variously overpowered by static or clear as a whippoorwill's call. A tri-layered tale of love, creative impulses and dial-spinning, it comes and it goes, evocative and a little bit magical, flawed but forgivably so. Peter Falk, in all his crumpled, cockeyed ingenuity, has the pivotal role of Pedro Carmichael, an eccentric scriptwriter who turns WXBU's genteel, ratings-starved soap opera, Kings of the Garden District, into New Orleans' most-listened-to afternoon delight. Though he thinks of himself as a great genius, Pedro plagiarizes the privacy of those around him, writing his soap opera in their very words. - Rita Kempley, Washington Post.