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Monday  27 June  at 6.15pm.

Members ony. Memberships available before the screening.
Desk opens 5.45pm.


THE CABINET OF DR CALIGARI (Robert Wiene, Germany 1920) PG


To speak of cinema without The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920) would be to speak of filmmaking without Thomas Edison's invention of the light bulb. Today's dramas, horrors, noirs and thrillers have undoubtedly benefited from the infinite mastery of Robert Wiene's staple showpiece. Approaching one hundred years since its inception, this work of art debunks its historic sell-by-date. Its recent digital restoration is a testament to its inability to age. Many regard Wiene's feat as boasting the beginnings of the horror genre and the introduction of the twist ending. What is undeniable is that the classic Cabinet of Dr. Caligari perfectly captures German Expressionism in its most tentative and visionary mode. - Tom Watson, Cine-Vue.


Live Accompaniment by The Somnambulist Sect