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6.15  Monday 31 August
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HOME FROM HOME: CHRONICLE OF A VISION Part One  (Edgar Reitz, Germany 2013)  M

Edgar Reitz’s marvellous film immerses us in the affairs of a German country town in 1844, a time when rural life is harsh and feudal order still prevails... Reitz’s drama of a rural community whose young disappeared to populate the New World is richly detailed, extremely moving and securely grounded in historical fact. Descendants of the same generation of European poor who made their way to New Zealand will surely feel its resonance. To aficionados of German culture it has added significance as a prequel to Reitz’s massive Heimat, over 50 hours of television dramatising 20th-century life in the same town. But his leap back in time requires no prior acquaintance at all. Shot with razor-sharp clarity in black-and-white digital CinemaScope, with occasional graphic incursions of colour, this is cinema both gloriously panoramic and intimately interior. Werner Herzog has an amusing cameo as naturalist, linguist and explorer Alexander von Humboldt. - Bill Gosden, NZIFF 2014.